Update: Freiburg, Swiss, Reggioli and beyond

It is time for an update: After two heartwarming months, with meaningful connections we left Gemeinschaft Haus-Bierenbach. We set our course to the sun in the south. To be more specific, we were heading towards our next community in Italy: Reggioli (later more..). We decided to do this journey piece by piece, so we could enjoy the beautiful places we were passing.

Our first stop was in Freiburg. Here, we met a close friend of Miriam, which welcomed us with open arms and open doors (in other words, we were welcome to stay at her place for the day (also for the night)). The next day Miriams friend showed us the beautiful environment where she was living. Of course we chose to walk on the mountain/ hill (I (dutch) call these things mountains, while Miriam calls them hills). When the day passed by we returned to Edu (our van), and drove to some (real) mountains close to the Swiss border (see picture).

When we arrived at the “real” mountain we found a quiet place with a wonderful view. Here we stayed for two days, walking, chilling, making (my (Bram) first) campfire, enjoying the silence and planning our next stop. To me the fire and the idea of seeing more “real” mountains (with snow and such) in Swiss, was very exciting. The fact that we had to cross a border in the Corona-era, was something which made us tense.

The day we took off for Swiss, Miriam (unintentionally) decided (with google maps) to drive through a forest where there wasn’t much left of civilization. Anyway, she did a pretty good job to handle nature on the unpaved road which (eventually) took us back to a more urban place. Here we did some last shopping and scored among other things nice copper bottles and cheap corona tests (in case). And then finally we where heading for Swiss. Despite of being nervous to cross the Swiss border, right now, I can’t remember crossing it. But I do know that there was no police, military ore ancient monster patrolling. The thing that I remember very well was the astonishing feeling of seeing these big, big, very big mountains. To me they looked like big guardians of nature who showed their might, standing peacefully and conscious as a reminder of the forse of nature. After driving a few hours through these inhospitable nature, we arrived at our camping, next to the lake Lugano. This place, too, was very beautiful, with its combination of water, mountains and forest. And it inspired me to find a place with similar qualities in the future, where we could live and work.

We planned to stay four days at our camping. But unfortunately the high “Swiss” price was even higher than the price on their website. So after two days we drove towards Italy. Here, again, we were nervous to cross the border. Even though there was police, we weren’t interesting enough to control, so we could easily pass through. Finally arrived in Italy, we went to Cinque Terre and met the Italian coast and mountains. At Monterosso al mare we made a wonderful walk to a nearby village, where I ate my first pasta in Italy. And yes, it was the best pasta ever! After two days we took off, because the beautiful place where we stood was fully booked for the next days. With our amazing app, camp4night, we found some nice spots close by Reggioli, where we camped freely for some days.

When we arrived at Reggioli, it was just like we entered the garden of Eden. In the midst of Toscane, we where on a piece of land on the top of a mountain with an overview which was close to perfection. The trees, animals and mountains represented in abundance. The old building with the beautiful pond gave a subtile but beautiful touch of mankind on this area. Although we were in this beautiful place, some things weren’t as we thought they where. For instance, it appeared that there wasn’t a stable community. This, alongside other things, made us to choose to leave, four days after our arrival. Later we will share our thoughts and reflections on this period.

Currently we are standing close to a natural hot water source, camping freely next to a road. Unfortunately, I was hit by a fever two days ago, and wasn’t, until now, able to enter the hot water source. At the moment I am doing better, but because the our felt responsibility of maybe having Corona, and because of this being contagious for the remaining two days, I’ll be in the camper with Miriam, who was struck by a fever today. We feel that it is right that we have a break from our trip right now, and be with everything that needs to be seen. Hopefully we will find out what our next step will be after we feel better.

We keep you posted!

Warm greetings,

Miriam and Bram

3 thoughts on “Update: Freiburg, Swiss, Reggioli and beyond”

  1. Hi Bram and Miriam sorry to hear you are not feeling to well. Sending you healing energy and love. 🥰
    You passt by us – we live near Basel not so fare from Freiburg im Breisgau. We would of loved to have you. Maybe on your way home you can stopp by. No costs in this Swiss Location🥰
    Take care hope you both feeling better soon. Esther

    1. Hi Esther, thanks a lot for your warm message! After a week of rest we feel better now 😊 When we drive back I would like to stop by at your place. I wish you a lot of warmth! Bram (and Miriam)

  2. Oh it was so wonderful to have you here, my dear friends! <3
    I wish that you feel well again very soon!! Thinking of you and sending you lots of love, light and trust! Franka

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