About Miriam

Hi, my name is Miriam. I grew up in Germany, near Dortmund. When I was a kid, I loved to be creative, to make all kinds of things. From paintings and clay animals to small houses made of wooden sticks in the forest near our home. I was dreaming of building a treehouse and having a huge garden full of fruit and vegetables, especially lots of raspberries and chives; I loved them. I imagined having a farm with different animals, where I spend my daily time taking care of them, gardening, baking bread and cakes, and painting in the garden. 

Now I realize that this dream, which came to me so naturally and felt so fulfilling, was an expression of a deep longing to live in harmony and in connection with nature. A longing to express the awe, the gratefulness and the wonderment that I feel for life itself. 

During my childhood and adolescence I lost more and more track of that dream, of allowing myself to dream at all. Trying to fulfill all the expectations of being an intelligent, intellectual, sweet girl, my insecurity grew. At the end of my highschool period, my focus laid on daily survival; there was no space for imagining what gave me fulfillment. Therefore, I had no vision, no idea what to do next. My longing to be creative was still there, but I was very insecure about my environment, stating that there was no job security, that this path was hard to “make a living”. I considered university studies as the only options where I would be seen and respected from my family and my other environment.

After these oppressing adolescence years, I decided to move to the Netherlands, and chose for the study of psychology. This choice felt like the only option to build up more self-confidence, to stand on my own two feet. How my own mind worked, and what stood myself and others in the way to live a more authentic and free life, interested me. Still, I could not find answers to these questions here. 

I also searched for answers travelling various parts of the world, getting to know different cultures, hiking a lot in nature and seeing different sorts of living.

During the time of writing my thesis, there was a comeback; my childhood dream came to the surface again, in new and fresh colours. I imagined creating a place where people can receive support in being who they truly are. A holistic place where people live consciously with each other and with nature. Where they can express themselves in different ways, can grow psychologically and eat healthy and local (from our own permaculture garden). 

The idea of creating such a place together, with people having different qualities, gave me such an empowerment. 

After finishing my master in environmental Psychology, I came into contact with a different way of education; a very practical body-based psychology study. Those two years of intense self-therapy gave me new strength to follow my dream further. 

Together with Bram, we chose to plan our journey ,Mission Interbeing, following our longing for a life in more harmony with ourselves and all beings. And the journey of life continues!


About Bram

Hi there, my name is Bram. I walked for about 30 years on this planet. I grew up in a Dutch town called Emmen. The thing I most liked about Emmen is the forest next to our home. Especially as a kid I loved to go there to discover new places, observe and wonder about all kinds of animals and live out my fantasies. When I grew older, I kind of lost the connection with nature, and started to invest more time in playing guitar, gaming, thinking about the meaning of life and school. Although I was a very sociable kid, who was interested in all kinds of people and their motives, in some ways I was very shy. As I can see now, I found it difficult to show my vulnerability and insecurity about all kinds of obstructive beliefs about myself. This was probably one of the reasons, it was a challenge to make some friends. As I grew older, spirituality became more and more a part of my life. I was especially interested in paranormal stuff. At this time, I didn’t have a clue why this was so important to me, but somehow it gave me energy and sometimes even a big awe. 

After highschool I decided to study Psychology, because I badly wanted to understand myself and others. During this period I felt a lot of inner conflicts and was sensitive to depression. This was hard for me, and made me look for answers why I was feeling this way. A part of the answers I found in my Psychology study. On the surface they gave me insight, but they were lacking roots. Why was life as it is? And what is the meaning of this? These questions eventually led me to my first Ayahuasca experience. Which was so profound, it simultaneously  scared the hell out of me, as it showed me how everything was connected in one indescribable field of consciousness. This experience was like a gate to me, and short after it, I met many people who inspired me to walk my authentic spiritual path. 

I’m grateful for all the relationships I built up and all  the lessons I learnt. One of the things which helps me a lot, is to see that everything is true in its own way. Only when I can acknowledge and accept my “innerworld experience” I can authentically deal with my “outerworld experience”. And every time I do this, it seems like  the both of them are two sides of the same coin. 

Over the last years I immersed myself in the combination of psychology and spirituality. I worked as a coach and a manager among other things. The experience of my whole life and these workfields showed me that we need each other.  We need each other to see who we are, as a human being and as a mystery. But we also need each other to connect, to cooperate, to share, to have joy, and to remember we are all different and yet all the same. This is what interbeing is to me. 

My intention with mission interbeing is to get inspired by many beings and to share this with you. Also I feel the urge to connect with my inner child, which still can be very shy. And to give him space to discover life, nature and all beings, becoming friends with them. And who knows what happens next!

About us

We got to know each other at Ecstatic Dance (a barefoot party where there is no talking) in Groningen. It was special to explore the contact via body language, and we both immediately felt a strong connection.

A few months later we were excited to see each other again at an open day in EdanZ (a spiritual center where we worked voluntarily without ever meeting). Here, we first spoke to each other and discovered our shared passion towards both spirituality and psychology. This moment was the start of a shared emotional dance, towards and away from each other. In time, we gradually gained trust in our connection, and made the choice to commit to a shared path.

The funny thing is that our relationship shows us the desire towards connecting with each other and the fear of it. We see each other as a mirror of our best and worst self, of our shadow and essence. This can be quite confronting at times, and at the same time so enriching if we dare to share our truth while taking responsibility for our experience. One lesson we learned is that if we connect in our truth, this is the point where connection is possible, whatever the experiences and stories are.

We believe that humans grow and connect to themselves in a deeper way via connecting with others. Because being confronted with parts we do not like about ourselves, connecting with others can be scary. Still, if we choose to be mirrored in our whole being, we can start to see ourselves and each other’s wholeness. The imperfect perfection of being human.

We both imagine a world where there is more awareness of conscious connection. This is why we chose to follow the mission of interbeing. To visit places where communities are created, to learn from their experience. How do they relate to nature? And what is their relationship with society? We hope to find answers which enrich our lives, and we can share with you.