In this podcast, Evelies, founder of the BiBa community (, shares (amongst others) how her own children inspired her in looking for

Bram and I are happy to live with and get to know this growing community now already since six weeks! The time

It is a windy day and we are having a day off from our voluntary work, here at Haus-Bierenbach. I’m looking out

Thoughts and Inspirations

“The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust Dear friends, Our

Hey there! Finally I feel room again and am glad to share what happened within the last few weeks at our journey.

It is time for an update: After two heartwarming months, with meaningful connections we left Gemeinschaft Haus-Bierenbach. We set our course to

nobody is perfect, saying, perfect

Left or right? Being free or being at work? Tension or relaxation? Discipline or spontaneity? Silence, or noisy? Following my head or

More than one year ago, I woke up from a beautiful dream of traveling in my own camper bus. That morning I

In this spontaneous video we share our experience and ideas about connection.

We desire and fear it at the same time: connecting with other beings. How do you do this? Our first experiences in