Our Mission

We believe that all life is interconnected. How we treat the world around us is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. We are fully dependent on the resources of the world, of the air we breath, and of being touched, physically and emotionally, by other (human) beings. 

Yet we learned to treat each other as competitors, to live in a world of mutual mistrust where our profit means someone else’s loss. In this view we see ourselves as a separate being, that has to gain control over others, and over nature itself, in order to survive. 

Where has that led us? What do we learn from the rising polarity, from the widening gap between the rich and the poor, from climate change based on our profit directed, self-centered choices? 

In which world do we want to live in? 

We believe that another way of living is possible, a way of Interbeing. Here, we see the world and all beings in it as a gift. The sun is a gift. We did not earn it; it is not due to our hard effort that it shines. Air is a gift. We did not buy air in order to be able to breath. We want to treat these gifts with compassion and care, and do not want to take more than we need in order to live a happy and healthy life, so that there is enough for everyone. We want to make room for the other, for the different, in order to broaden our own perspectives, to challenge and enrich our own ideas and beliefs. We want to consciously relate to each other, being true to ourselves and others. 

Our mission is to inspire to live in harmony with ourselves and all beings. 

For this aim, we travel Europe, visiting different communities and ecovillages who aspire to live in greater connection with themselves and nature as well. We share their stories, worldviews and challenges in order to spread our own inspiration and hopefully inspire you, too! In learning about different ways of community living, we want to discover our own authentic way of living.